sábado, 18 de octubre de 2014

Look N* 688


Look N* 687


SKINNessie Milk from WowSkins at The Boho Culture Fair *NEW*
HAIRKerli from [RA] at at Mystic Realms Fair *NEW*
HORNSBorgin Horns - Black from .random.Matter. at Bloody Horror Fair *NEW*
FACE CHAINVerathell - Gold - Onyx from Keystone at Mystic Realms Fair *NEW*
EYESSalvatore Eyes - Bloody - Ice from .random.Matter. at Bloody Horror Fair *NEW*
TEETH:.Nicolette- Teeth at .random.Matter.
NECKLACEAmory Necklace from .random.Matter. at The Body Modification *NEW
BRACELETSEruli Bracelet at Cute Poison
DRESSEnsanglante Collection Bloody from MoDANNA at The Beauty Pageant *NEW